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Hello! My name is Pavel. I am a wedding and portrait photographer.

I will briefly tell you about myself and my approach to photography. He filmed his first wedding in 2016. Before, I had thousands of amateur photos of cats, flowers, and landscapes. Then studio photography in sufficient quantities. Impressed, I decided to develop in the direction of wedding photography. The accumulated experience helps to cope in any difficult situation.

Фотограф из Минска

Why am I doing wedding photography? She hooked me with her vibe! Sincere emotions of the bride and groom at the first meeting, buying up the tears of the bride’s father during the dance with his daughter. When I photograph these moments, I realize my important role in creating something more, something that will remain only in your memory. And I love it!

Pavel Sharnikov photographer. Photographer in North Cyprus Pavel Sharnikov

My works are bright and vibrant photographs with natural colors and light toning. To make the photos look natural, I use a reportage-staged style with a minimum of “hard” staging. The shooting process itself takes place in an atmosphere of friendly communication with a couple and guests. My task is not to tire the newlyweds with posing, but at the same time make beautiful portraits and not miss important details.

Pavel Sharnikov photographer. Photographer in North Cyprus Pavel Sharnikov

An important place in my work is occupied by self-education. I strive to ensure that the quality of my work matches the level of the best and most successful photographers. Strict requirements for myself allow me to constantly develop and grow as a person and as a photographer. Let’s get acquainted!

Pavel Sharnikov photographer. Photographer in North Cyprus Pavel Sharnikov

At the photo shoot, I will do only two things — I will coolly tell the story of the day in photos and shoot a lot of delicious cinematic portraits. I will do all this in a fun, easy and professional way. And if you share my views on photography, then you are definitely my client.

Pavel Sharnikov photographer. Photographer in North Cyprus Pavel Sharnikov

Summing up, photography for me is not a job, but a pleasant occasion to enjoy what I love and, thereby, bring joy to others in the form of emotional, joyful, lively and beautiful photographs. Save the moments from your life for years to come. I am glad to communicate and meet new people. Therefore, I invite you to my photo sessions!

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Павел Шарников
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Attention! When booking a FULL wedding day LOVE-STORY as a gift!